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We are Student Loan Harassment and our job is to make your life easier. We understand the stress that having student loans can bring to you, therefore, we pride ourselves in providing reliable solutions that help you get relief from harassment by debt collectors, and come out unscathed and debt-free.

Are you facing a huge student debt that your salary is insufficient to pay off? Have you been called, harassed, or sued by a debt collection agency? We can help you.

We offer a free first consultation to determine the specifics of your case, and then we advice you on the next best step to take. Our job is to ensure that you emerge successful in resolving your student loan debt; therefore, we provide you with everything you need to cast off the shackles of your student loan debts and be on the path to financial freedom.

Student loan phone calls from collectors like Navient can be bothersome, and sometimes downright intimidating. We provide relief from student loan collectors and help you stop student loan calls for good. We file a debt collector harassment lawsuit on your behalf, and ensure that your interests are adequately represented in court.

Have you been sued by a debt collector or received a letter notifying you of legal intentions? You may think that ignoring the lawsuit will make it go away, but in reality, ignoring a debt collection notice or lawsuit is one of the worst things you can do.

How we stop Student Loan Calls

We stop student loan calls by communicating with the debt collector on your behalf. If their calls are bothersome or harassing, we will send a Cease and Desist letter on your behalf. This, however, does not invalidate the amount you owe in student debts. We can take it a step further by representing you in court if you are sued. We will detect and address any form of harassment, get you compensation for the violation of your consumer rights, and guide you towards resolving your debts and stopping student loan phone calls for good.

We help you get on a repayment plan and notify you about any help or benefits that can help reduce the amount you owe in student debts. Call a qualified student loan lawyer now at 877-700-5790.

Debt collector harassment Lawsuit

We represent you in court and ensure that your rights are respected. Our team of skilled lawyers prevents default judgments, arrest warrants, and wage garnishments from being leveled against you.

We will also file a debt collector harassment lawsuit on your behalf if your FDCPA rights are being violated by your student loan servicer.

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